There were numerous new entries in the showcases in Hall 2, opposite Neumann's colorful stage.



There were numerous new models and information boards for the pilots Werner Mölders, Adolf Galland, Franz Dörr and Erich Hartmann.

moelders01 galland01 richthofen01

hartmann01 hartmann01 doerr01


Here is a weatherhouse from the 1930s, which served for years on the airborne horseman Celle.

The house is located in Hall 2 between the Messerschmidt Bf 109 and the Focke-Wulf Fw 190

Uwe Grosshennig   IMG 20170222 131436



Die R.A.F. BE 2c im Maßstab 1:5 über der Sopwith Camel in Halle 1

 IMG 0201

IMG 0202

Just arrived: Aircraft hull from an Airbus A300, a gift of the Airport Hannover-Langenhagen

IMG 0213 IMG 0215 IMG 0215 IMG 0215 2017 04 20 11.27.11 2017 04 20 12.12.35Rumpfsegment

In the future this part of the fuselage is to be erected in front of the entrance of the museum.

Thanks to the airport Hannover-Langenhagen and thank you also for the transport to Laatzen.

hannvoer airport

Mehr Informationen dazu in Kürze.

Two dioramas from the Afrikakorps were donated a few weeks ago. They have just been prepared by our volunteers and are right at the entrance to Neumann's colorful stage. Thanks to the donor.

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2017 03 21 11.10.26

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