The Supermarine Spitfire is an interceptor plane which was used by the Royal Air Force and many other allied forces during WW2. It was very popular among the pilots due to its excellent maneuverbility. It was deployed in various versions in all theatres of war during WW2.

British pilots nicknamed the plane just „Spit“, while Luftwaffe pilots often used the German aquivalent „Spucke“.

The aircraft manufacturer Supermarine and other companies produced more than 20,300 Spitfires in different versions. Some were in service as late as the 1950s.


Spitfire Mark XIV.

Mark XIV

The Spitfire version XIV was equipped with a Rolls Royce Griffon engine, which was provided with a turbo charger. Even today this plane is considered to be one of the best performing piston-engine fighters of WW2.

The Rolls Royce Griffon engine provided up to 1,514 kW, facilitating a maximum speed of 717 km/h at an altitude of 8000 m and a ceiling of 13,600 m. From the summer of 1944 on it

did an excellent job in defending Great Britain from missile attacks by the Luftwaffe.

There were quite a lot of different models of this plane. Some had a side-looking camera at their tail and were used as reconnaisance airplanes.

Our Spitfire MK XIV is unique and the only one in a German museum.