Im Eingangsbereich der Halle I steht ab sofort ein elektronischer Bilderrahmen, der wechselnde Bilder vom Museum und unseren Exponaten zeigt:


SNCASE SE 5000 Baroudeur

Udo Menke from Lippetal has built up the model of the Messerschmitt Me 209 V1 - after years of searching for documents and in even longer construction time exactly true to scale - - more here.

Here you will find another Information about this aircraft.

Here some Pictures about this aircraft:



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The Ultraleichtflugzeug Dallach Fascination WD 4 has found a new place.

Dallach Fascination  WD 4 1 Dallach Fascination  WD 4 1

Here are some impressions of the move:

More about the Dallach Fascination WD 4 you can find here.

The Lower Saxonian squad for the cleanup of unexploded ordnance asked us if we could identify aircraft debris which were found at a recent ground survey.

When we inspected the parts we could very quickly identify the debris as parts of a crashed  Messerschmitt Bf 109. One item was a 5 mm steel plate back protection for the pilot’s seat, the other item was a fragment of the shock strut of the landing gear. In addition we identified a counter balance for the elevator/rudder with the corresponding rope pulley.

Here you can see the items as they were found:

Here you can see the Original-Parts


There is another item which could not yet be identified:

A part of the steel back plate:

This is the original back plate: