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The new addition, a jet engine, Conway Mk 508 of a Boeing 707-400 of Deutsche Lufthansa (DLH) from the then fleet in the 60s.

A donation from DLH.

The transport from Lufthansa-Technik in Hamburg to Laatzen was sponsored by Spedition Ebeling, Wedemark.

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At the end of September we got a great car for our collection:


Sports car of 1934 / Replica

This vehicle of the US company Heritage Motor Cars from Miami/Florida is reminiscent of a small series of super sports cars made by Daimler-Benz in the 1930s, which even back then only an extremely small number of high earners could afford.

A picture of an original Mercedes Benz MB 500 K


This small series had a water-cooled 8-cylinder in-line with overhead valve timing (OHV) and side-mounted camshaft with pushrods and overhead rocker arms. From about 5 l displacements the engine delivered  74 kW/ 100 PS. A switch on compressor increased the output to 118 kW/160 PS. Thus the top speed was 100 ml/h. At all the time the car cost between 20000 and 26000 Reichsmarks - depending on the model (the wage of a worker at that time was one Reichsmark per hour). Around 30 units were built, the few "survivors" are traded today at horrendous prices.

MB 540 K from Florida

This car was built in 1988 out of GFK (glass fiber plastic) on a Chrysler/ Dodge chassis (Dodge Dakota/Van LA 239 V6). It was built very close to the original model.

The V 6 liquid cooled engine has a capacity of of 3,853 l or 235 cubic inch, 91 kW/120 hp and runs regular gasoline. The car has an automatic transmission, the top speed is 140 km/ h = 87,5 ml/hour. Dimensions: weight 1930 kg = 4251 lb, width 1,96 m = 6 & 1/2 ft, height 1,48 m = 5 ft. At that time the price was around 60000 US-Dollars. - First owner was US opera singer Deborah Sasson. Second owner and donator of this car was (German) Professor Dr. E. Pahl



6 cylinder in-line engine, De Havilland Gipsy Six Oueen 30

The engine is in the engine collection in Hall II.





So we have 33 piston engines and jet engines in the exhibition.


Der Fieseler Storch mit dem Grunau Baby im Schlepp wurden heute in der Halle 2, in der Motorenabteilung ausgestellt.








more here.


Here again a new entry, a Fokker E-III scale probably 1: 6 Will be hung up soon. Is in Hall 1 in front of the replica Fokker E III This is a donation from Mr. Norbert Wachtmann, Herford, many thanks for that.

Fokker E III1

Fokker E III Modell 1

Fokker E III Modell 2

Fokker E III Modell 3


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