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para 01Versuchsflugzeug eines motorisierten Gleitschirms aus den 80er Jahren

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This experimental motor-driven paraglider was built by Friedrich  Wilhelm  Korff  of  Hanover, a professor of philosophy. As a test aircraft of the Luftfahrtbundesamt (Federal Aviation Authority) it did not carry an identification, but was certified by the Department of Environmental Research and was supported by the DULV – Deutscher Ultra - Leicht Verband (German Ultralight Association),


Technical data:

paraglider span  xx,xx  m
paraglieder depth:  x,xx  m
fixings: ropes connected to the undercarriage which carries the engine 45 km/h
Vlanding 25 km/h
climb rate 1.8 m/s
service ceiling 3500 m
Wing area xx  m²



1 x König 4-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke radial engine with 19.1 kW/26 HP
static thrust of about 60 kg
6-bladed propeller in a plastic ring
electric starter with choke

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Power ratings: Vmax 45 km/h
V cruise 30 - 45 km/h = 19 - 28 ml/h

spread out the paraglider cleanly
untangle the lines
take a seat
buckle up
take controls
start the engine and let it warm up
after approx. 5 m take off
piloting via the lines

In case of engine failure sink rate 3 - 4.5 m/s, endurance up to 4,5 h.


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