At the end of September we got a great car for our collection:


Sports car of 1934 / Replica

This vehicle of the US company Heritage Motor Cars from Miami/Florida is reminiscent of a small series of super sports cars made by Daimler-Benz in the 1930s, which even back then only an extremely small number of high earners could afford.

A picture of an original Mercedes Benz MB 500 K


This small series had a water-cooled 8-cylinder in-line with overhead valve timing (OHV) and side-mounted camshaft with pushrods and overhead rocker arms. From about 5 l displacements the engine delivered  74 kW/ 100 PS. A switch on compressor increased the output to 118 kW/160 PS. Thus the top speed was 100 ml/h. At all the time the car cost between 20000 and 26000 Reichsmarks - depending on the model (the wage of a worker at that time was one Reichsmark per hour). Around 30 units were built, the few "survivors" are traded today at horrendous prices.

MB 540 K from Florida

This car was built in 1988 out of GFK (glass fiber plastic) on a Chrysler/ Dodge chassis (Dodge Dakota/Van LA 239 V6). It was built very close to the original model.

The V 6 liquid cooled engine has a capacity of of 3,853 l or 235 cubic inch, 91 kW/120 hp and runs regular gasoline. The car has an automatic transmission, the top speed is 140 km/ h = 87,5 ml/hour. Dimensions: weight 1930 kg = 4251 lb, width 1,96 m = 6 & 1/2 ft, height 1,48 m = 5 ft. At that time the price was around 60000 US-Dollars. - First owner was US opera singer Deborah Sasson. Second owner and donator of this car was (German) Professor Dr. E. Pahl