05.12.2019: RC-Aircrafts from the museum Wasserkuppe

The museum on the Wasserkuppe has provided us with some model aircraft that are not yet in the final location. But here's a look at the great planes (they are present in Hangar I between the large models on the hall floor).




05.12.2019: Two Seats of a Boeing

In the entrance area of the Hangar I, the two seats have their final position and invite you to linger.


05.12.2019: Propeller return

At the beginning of April 2019, the propeller was lent to the Schauspielhaus Hannover. Now the propeller is return and the theater, or the stage crew has donated her a great new bracket. Thanks for that. The propeller is located in Hangar II in the engine department.


05.12.2019: Part of a engine

We have received part of a engine from Lufthansa Technik, which is currently located in Hangar II behind the MIG-15. The final place is not fixed yet.


01.12.2019: Dornier Do 28 repaired

Fritz Moch, one of our oldest members, has accepted the DO and repaired it. The long service life has shown signs of age or wear at the tail wheel.




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