New arrival!
We would like to thank the training workshop of Lufthansa Technik Hamburg and Mr. Reumann, who donated the main landing gear of a Boeing B 737 to us.
This was previously used for training purposes aspiring aircraft mechanic.

Our thanks also go to the forwarding company Koberger, Mr. Kicinski, in Ilsede, who has provided us with a truck for transport free of charge. Not to forget a thank you to Dirk Claasen, who has transported the cargo safely to Laatzen.

The chassis is to be built outside of the museum.


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We have received a new poster, a rarity:


In May and June we have some new entries.

Thank you to the donation or loan from Lufthansa Technik and Prof. Dr. med. Pahl. Thanks also to Hans-Jürgen, Ulli and Klaus-Dieter for the use and for the transport.

The parts are now first stored, processed and described. Partly we are still waiting for descriptions.



para 03


para 01Versuchsflugzeug eines motorisierten Gleitschirms aus den 80er Jahren

para 02

This experimental motor-driven paraglider was built by Friedrich  Wilhelm  Korff  of  Hanover, a professor of philosophy. As a test aircraft of the Luftfahrtbundesamt (Federal Aviation Authority) it did not carry an identification, but was certified by the Department of Environmental Research and was supported by the DULV – Deutscher Ultra - Leicht Verband (German Ultralight Association),


Technical data:

paraglider span  xx,xx  m
paraglieder depth:  x,xx  m
fixings: ropes connected to the undercarriage which carries the engine 45 km/h
Vlanding 25 km/h
climb rate 1.8 m/s
service ceiling 3500 m
Wing area xx  m²



1 x König 4-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke radial engine with 19.1 kW/26 HP
static thrust of about 60 kg
6-bladed propeller in a plastic ring
electric starter with choke

para 04

Power ratings: Vmax 45 km/h
V cruise 30 - 45 km/h = 19 - 28 ml/h

spread out the paraglider cleanly
untangle the lines
take a seat
buckle up
take controls
start the engine and let it warm up
after approx. 5 m take off
piloting via the lines

In case of engine failure sink rate 3 - 4.5 m/s, endurance up to 4,5 h.


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Have a look at the Morane, sitting at the airfield Ütersen/Heist in the spring of 2017. A few weeks ago apprentices of the Lufthansa Workshop disassembled the plane and stored it in the hangar so we could pick it up.

The plane is a French four seater Morane Saulnier type MS 893 E, equipped with a 4 cylinder Lycoming engine with 180 HP. Unfortunately we could neither get the engine nor the propeller, but we have a similar engine in our own workshop which we may use. The Morane company merged into the former Sud-Aviation. This company sold the plane under the name „Rallye“ and finally sold the production to PZL in Poland where it again changed its name into „Koliber“.

The plane had bee sitting at the airfield Ütersen/Heist for several years and was property of Air Hamburg.

A team of four acomplished the collection of the plane:  ...Names ….

Mr Langenbach, one of our members from Pinneberg was also there, he had established the contact with the proprietor (Thank you very much, Mr Langenbach!). Mr Dirk Claasen also gave us a hand. He drove the truck which was given to us free of charge by the forwarding company Spedition Koberger.

What’s next?

The plane has to be cleaned, painted and finally rigged. We are looking for somebody who will be in charge of this job.

Here you can find some Pictures aobut this aircarft and this project.