Gipsy (Six) Queen 30

6-Cylinder inverted in-line air-cooled aero-engine

Technical data:

Displacement                                                             10,18 l/621 cu in

Power     (at 2400 rpm)                                                       180 kW/240 hp

Weight                                                                           486 lbs/220 kg

Year of construction                                                               1946

deHavilland Dh-114 Heron airliner

The famous British a/c-producer deHavilland started construction of aero-engines with die Gipsy-Series in 1927. The beginning was the air cooled 4-Cyl. Gipsy major, You can see it here in the left hand corner.

eHavilland DH-104 Dove of former

The Gipsy Six was a 6-cyl inverted air cooled aero engine with some new technical devices: It had an overhead cam (OHC), much more power and dry sump lubrication. Many aircraft types were powered by the Six, one of the most famous was the dH Dragon Rapide biplane airliner (s. picture opposite).

Further development with little more capacity was the Gipsy Queen 30 of 1945/46. IT was mostly in the new deHavilland airliners DH-104 Dove and the DH-114 Heron.

(Wir danken Axel Klegien und der Firma Aero West am Flughafen Hannover für die Restaurierung)