The museum maintains a book collection with over 4,000 entries. Access is free by appointment, preferably Wed + Thurs. Lending is free for association members. Copies are possible for visitors.

The book collection includes, among others:

  • Aviation history
  • general history
  • technical documents
  • Biographies

You will also find:

  • a comprehensive aircraft type collection in 400 volumes on motorised, glider, microlight and helicopter aircraft from all over the world.

  • Magazine collections from the 1950s to the present, bound in folders and unbound by year.

Bücher online

Anyone who owns old books and would like to hand them in is welcome to donate them to the museum, we are happy to receive any donation. 

Anyone who would like to borrow books is welcome to contact us. Send us a e-mail.

online1.jpgBook Collection Online

Here you can browse or search the book collection online, click here: Library Search



wehrmWehrmann Collection

Another great part is the collection of over 300 documents in PDF form, is the Wehrmann collection. Here Mr. Wehrmann has described aircraft, most of which were not built in series, or did not get beyond a pilot project. click here: Wehrmanns documents.