Current status (22.11.2023) of the lighting conversion to LED

171 light sources have now been replaced
Consumption before replacement: 3.52 kW per hour
Consumption after conversion to LED: 0.93 kW per hour
This means an energy saving of 73 % 1
The light sources that have been replaced so far are almost exclusively installed in display cases and are therefore always in operation during opening hours. With 48 weeks, 4 days and 7 hours of museum opening, this results in an operating time of 1,344 hours per year
So an annual consumption before conversion: 730 kWh
After conversion: 250 kWh
Assuming a current tariff of € 0.35 per kWh, this would mean a saving of € 218 per year
The costs will therefore have paid for themselves within a year or less
According to the manufacturer, LED light sources should last around 10 times longer than conventional light sources. We don't have any LEDs yet
The following have been converted so far: All display cases in Hall 1 and in the cash desk area and the toilet rooms. 80% of the display cases in Hall 2 have been converted. As the showcases in the high-speed flight exhibition, for example, are controlled by radar sensors, they have only had a low priority so far. Some objects (e.g. Neumann's stage) can only be converted by replacing complete luminaires.