07.10.2023: The Olympic Tit has arrived.

Today, with the help of the Akademische Fliegergruppe Hannover (Akaflieg), the Olympic Tit arrived at the Laatzen-Hannover Aviation Museum from the Wasserkuppe Gliding Museum:




For the time being, the titmouse is standing next to the starfighter and can already be admired. A final location is being sought.

Many thanks to the Wasserkuppe Gliding Museum for letting us have the Tit.

Many thanks also to our colleagues from the Akaflieg (Akademische Fliegergruppe Hannover), who took care of the transportation. We would especially like to thank Dr. Markus Klemmer.

And thanks also to our colleagues who helped with the organization.

A few words from Wilfried Crome, Chairman of the Aviation Museum:

The DFS "Olympia Meise", was designed in the late 1930s by Jans Jacobs (e.g. Weihe and Kranich I-III) in competition with many to create a standard glider for the Olympic (planned) competition for the 1940 Olympics. Jacobs won, the Olympics were canceled for the well-known reasons. It was a high-performance glider for its time and was much sought after by the winners after the war.
The British rebuilt it (EoN Olympia) and it was also produced for the GST in the GDR near Gotha long after the war. We had one of these in the museum for a long time. It hung above the Jak-18, where the L-Spatz 55 now hangs. This tit comes from the German Gliding Museum (DSM), which gave it to us because they still have a copy. We would like to thank the DSM/Wasserkuppe very much! (WC)

Here mor information from Segelflugmuseum Wasserkuppe.

Here mor information from the Akademischen Fliegergruppe Hannover (Akaflieg).

Addendum: The Olympic tit has now arrived at its final location: Olympia-Meise